Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How the Game will be Measured

I'm not a huge fan of basketball and calling myself a big fan would still be overdoing it. But that doesn't detract me from recognizing some of the great work brands are collaborating on with its superstars.

Take the ad campaign down below by Adidas. To embellish the skills of superman Dwight Howard, they produced a YouTube channel showcasing various videos where a user can make him faster, lighter and stronger.

The video itself is quite remarkable. I believe he jumps 15 feet to dunk that ball and from my personal experience on a b-ball court - that's ridiculous! Regardless this young athlete imposes himself upon glory in triumphant stride afoot his TS Supernatural pumps. Here goes...

Awesome job with the video and making it interactive via YouTube. Look forward to more initiatives such as this one. Check out the video above and this link to take you straight to the channel.

'til next time!'

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