Friday, February 5, 2010

Get your dog some... Doggie Dentures?!

Good Friday Everyone! Being a dog lover and it having been a long week, I thought what better way to start the weekend off with a lively and entertaining campaign brought to us by Pedigree.

"As a kid my imagination knew very few limits. Unfortunately for my poor dog, this meant everything ranging from sporting a lego brick helmet to skate-like bootie contraptions to kamikaze sleigh rides. Yes, he endured them all and somehow managed to remain my loyal companion throughout the years..." -APL

And one has to praise companies like Pedigree who embrace that spirit and give people a reason to laugh and play with their dogs while educating them on the importance of their health. So while it must seem like just an entertaining gimmick from the creatives over at Purina. I still believe these types of campaigns work on a very emotional level that no ROI metric can measure.

Make sure to check out the Pedigree site, or forward it to your friends because it's definitely worth a visit. I'm sharing an image I made of my fanged buddy for everyone to see.

I'll leave you with that. Enjoy your weekend and do spend time playing with your furry friends.

'til next time!'

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