Monday, February 1, 2010

Fresh Faces: The Power of Beauty

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their weekend and got their week started with a great Monday. I enjoyed a three day weekend as Mexico commemorates its "day-of-the-flag" today. For me, a great day to catch up on the always looming workload and check out some new blogs.

I'd like to share one of my favorite campaigns I came across today. As I'm sure it will spark the *aja!* moment for those who enjoy learning about excellent social media tactics. And for those 'social media veterans' it serves as an excellent case study for its proper use of the terms 'holistic, viral, social and strategic'.

Case-in-Point: "Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has launched “Pretty Powerful", a campaign featuring real women. A photo gallery profiles eight women, where clicking on each profile reveals a brief bio, a before and after image, video testimonial, and tips from Bobbi herself. The photos and videos transform real women with subtle touches and emphasize that with the right tools, women can feel confident about their natural beauty." (PSFK, NY)

Everything about this campaign makes sense. It puts the product in real use, with real stories, from real people and for all the right reasons. There's no extra lights or gimmicks that try to hook people to listen. That's why I like it. That's why it makes sense. Click on the link to see how.

Now if we could see this same approach being taken by Gillete, Old Spice or Ray Ban (to name only a few) would be out-right genius. Can you imagine all the great stories you'd get? Has it been done before?

I'd like to get your thoughts on this campaign and any potential ideas that surges from our posts.

From here on out.. your ideas should run rampant at this blog, welcome!

'til next time!'

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