Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vitaminwater: Engage yourself with the Olympic Games in Vancouver!

So I have been trying to watch the Olympics these days without having the results already given to me by some other source because guess what?  NBC refuses to show live coverage of the Olympics but would rather show it during primetime.  The only sports they seem to be showing live is either Hockey or some kind of ice skating.  I don't see why NBC doesn't just show live coverage throughout the day, this is the Olympics!  This is a time where the best athletes from around the world come together to compete, and not just the ones you like to watch...NBC

Anyways, that's enough about that!  Let's move onto something else that caught my eye as I was perusing the web for something great to post.  I came across this great campaign from Vitaminwater, where a clever group of people from a Cleveland-based ad agency called Brokaw decided to bring the Olympics to the people of Vancouver in a more unique way.  Brokaw designed 3-D bus shelters for downtown Vancouver.

Brokaw "transformed the shelter into a ski lift, a move that recalls a stunt that Venture Communications pulled on behalf of Ski Alberta in 2008." (BrandFreak)  Some other ads you might see along the streets of Vancouver include "Olympic athletes in Vitaminwater's typically jocular style. "Don't try challenging Michael Lambert, reads one, referring to the Canadian snowboarder. "You'll lose. Even in your imagination." (BrandFreak). 

This is a great campaign, and from taking a look at Brokaw's website, they certainly held true to their promise, they helped Vitaminwater rise above the "blah blah", and reaffirmed the point that it doesn't take a huge agency to do great work but rather "a little Brokaw" will help your brand do hugely impactful work.

I really like the idea of bringing the Olympics to the people.  Not only does this create great buzz, but the Olympics as well as Vitaminwater get a great deal of attention with this campaign.  I can only imagine the people waiting for their next bus as one of their friends takes a creative photo of them while they sit on the lift!  Even better, the people at Vitaminwater could set up a group of people stationed at particular bus stops that give bus goers the option of getting a photo with the ski lift and then have the option to send it like a digital postcard! How cool would that be? Alright I need to stop rambling but cool no?
Check out the pic below for what I'm talking about! 

Anyways, now it's your turn!  Anyone think I'm being too harsh about the lack of Olympic coverage? Anyone not like this campaign?  Please, feel free to comment but remember be gentle!

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