Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bob Garfield Reviews the Super Bowl Spots

No, he doesn't contribute to WIM and he probably doesn't even know WIM exists (Maybe one day?), but one thing he does do is review the latest Super Bowl commercials.  So take this opportunity and watch his insights into what he thought about the commercials you saw at this years Super Bowl!

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  1. I wonder if he purposedly leaves his beard like that for more authority in his presence? Regardless, can't agree more with his views on the beer ads. If you are making an ad about community generation via your product then make it more relevant. Have your friends carry you home because you couldn't get enough of the taste. Something like a crowd surfing experience back to your house. Or better yet, create an ad that thanks the truck drivers who make the experience possible! Hello... tuck driver spokesman smiling your way, "our thrill becomes your pleasure..." I'll have to work on that but until I see some relevancy in the beer ads - I'm saying a hell no to your beer.