Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Terror Marketing!

In stark contrast to yesterday's post. We want to share with you a cleverly deceptive video produced to deliver a teen-pregnancy message. Titled '2028' this video makes for an eerie trailer for some new kind of catchy teen-flick yet quickly morphs into a warning against teen pregnancy.

I'm not sure how this video would have affected my teen years leading into my college years but I know it got the message across pretty clearly this late in my sexual revolution. So I definitely praise the creators of this video for helping shed light on the disoriented youth of today.

Watch the video below to get a feel of the nightmare that is teen pregnancy.

The creators state a need to shake up potential teen conceptions that pregnancy is always pleasant and promises a happy ending. "We're trying to combat the glamorization of teen pregnancy by Hollywood," says Serve founder Gary Mueller.

I found the context of the video and its shock/viral attributes to be commendable, hence the need to share. If you know of anything along these lines, let us know!

My apologies for the birth control post!

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