Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Sexy Collaboration

I haven't been paying much attention to developing collaborations between brands but since the Adidas & StarWars post I've noticed there are a few great collaborations already out in the market. Take for example the video below that pays homage the the 'Risky Business' scene featuring the always delightful surprise that is Heidi Klum.

This isn't the first ad collaboration I've seen between Guitar Hero and celebrities but I must say they do it very well! Check out the video below!!

Interesting story for you readers before I head off to bed. This morning around 7:30 am as I waited for my garage door to open, I scanned the radio stations briefly to see if I could avoid plugging in my iPod. (yes... it was early. yes... i was being very lazy...)

The point being as I scanned the airwaves I overheard Adidas and Star Wars being announced in spanish. For those of you who aren't familiar with me - I currently live in Mexico City and promise to keep you abreast of all international news from my side of the globe.

Well... Despite my early morning grogginess I made an effort to decipher exactly what was being said about these two brands and as the caffeine slowly peeled back the veil of slumber I realized they were discussing the coolness of the Adidas video we shared with you the other day!

It was really exciting to imagine how fast this commercial broke upon the international newswire and all the potential collaborations between brands that I imagined on my way to my meeting tickled me in delight.

Speaking about delight, I'm already thinking of breakfast tomorrow morning! If I may ask, what's your favorite cereal brand? Or who do you believe does the best job marketing to little kids??

The cookie will crumble! ;)

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