Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Green Police

The great thing about the web is that commercials like the Trojan Olympics - despite not having syndication in the US or the cultural openness to air such content - spread like viruses on the web. That's true of anything on the web so I'll be more proactive in getting more funny international ads up on the site soon.

Let me quickly add, I stopped looking forward to the Olympics a long time ago. Not sure if that was a question of preference or somehow the Olympic Committee started placing banana peels underneath their decision making process and lost me in the storm of planning and branding that is now the Olympics. Strictly personal opinion. I'll open up the comments box to your 'boo's' and rants!

Moving along... one event I do look forward to is the SuperBowl. And I believe this year many interesting turns and hooks await for the marketers and advertisers. Moreso in the future but this is the year we break with the traditional and let loose the tidal surge of repressed creativity.

Below is a clip from the new social media campaign launched by Audi. These police officers of the earth were set in motion to educate the masses on making small difference that really matter. As well as setting the parade in motion for the premiere of the new Audi Turbo Diesel, named Green Car Journal's 201 "Green Car of the Year." Very satirical clip, worth a watch!

The first of 3 videos for this campaign that also includes a special contest leading up to the SuperBowl which will have athletes driving the cars from Miami to the Audi Headquarters in Virginia competing in the Audi Efficiency Challenge. The winner will receive $20,ooo for the charity of their choice!

Very interesting move Audi. Let's see how well this works.

'til next time'

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