Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Fall of Viral Creativity

Saludos a todos! Good to be back after a hectic weekend of frivolity and late night decadence. And as a staple of my Monday-ease-into-the-week routine I spent the morning checking out funny links sent to me by friends.

Halfway through my session, I was disgusted by a viral ad created by Ray Ban in consortium with Omnicom's Cultwater. This ad literally has the creative prowess of a sloth on crack because its both lame and whack! And how could this be cool or beneficial for a brand?!?

On a positive note, I'm also including the first video collaboration between Ray Ban and Cultwater which became an instant online hit - 2.7 million views! And you can tell why, its original and clever but most importantly fun!

So without further delay I present the two videos. The first video is the outrageously dumb 'face + tattoo' ad followed by the creative and cool 'sunglass catch' video. Enjoy!

After watching that video, you question how the sanity of an individual is influenced by a brand. Not sure how the logistics or persuasion/motivation to do this came about but I'm going to give Ray Ban the benefit of the doubt. Now onto the viral video that made 2.7 million viewers happy!

These videos made me think, what favorite brand of mine would I be willing to make a video for... I don't have an answer right now but next post I'll let you guys know. In the meantime how do you feel about the ads and what kind of viral video would you make? and for who?!

Til' next time!

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