Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Best Ad Friday

WIM is launching its newest feature called "Best Ad Friday". I've attached three Christmas related Ads in a web poll to see which one everyone likes and every Friday I will announce the winner.  Seeing that this is the first set of Ads, the winner will be announced next Friday! (December 4th)  So take a moment and look at the Ads below and vote on your favorite ones!  Keep an eye out for more in the future!!

If you can't quite see the Ads above, here are the larger versions:

Lynx Snow:

Advertising Agency:  BBH, London, UK
Creative Director:  Dominic Goldman
Art Director: Adam Thompson
Copywriter: Dan Glover-James
Photographer: Julian Wolkenstein
Agency producer: Jeremy Gleeson

McDonald's Christmas:

Advertising Agency: DDB Helsinki, Finland
Art Director: Jukka Mannio
Copywriter: Vesa Tujunen
Illustrator / Photographer: Pinata
Published: December 2008

Inbev: Merry Christmas:

Advertising Agency: Draft FCB Ulka, New Delhi, India
National Creative Director: Chax
Creative Director: Sanjay Sharma
Art Director: Shubhojit Sengupta
Copywriter: Vikram Sengupta
Client servicing directors: Akash Sharma, Piyush kumar
Published: December 2008

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

AT&T versus Verizon versus Apple? What a mess!

You must have heard all about this by now but if you don't remember I posted an article about Verizon making a commercial poking jabs at AT&Ts spotty coverage using the similar "there's an app for that" slogan and replacing it with "there's a map for that".  Well it didn't take too long for AT&T to get upset and they ended up in court and I believe are still there currently trying to sort out this mess.  I don't see anything wrong with Verizon's Ads, if anything...they were clever.  Anyways, the lawsuit didn't stop Verizon from rolling out some hilarious Christmas commercials around the same "map for that" campaign.  Here are just a few:

How did you like those? Well here is some more news! Apple took note of what was happening between AT&T and Verizon and rolled out a clever commercial themselves.  I hope this doesn't hurt the chances of the iPhone coming out on Verizon anytime soon though!  What these sneaky guys at Apple did was quite clever.  A BlackBerry Storm user myself, there are few things that you can't do while you're on the phone...well Apple took note of this and decided to put together a commercial around the things Verizon's phones don't do!  However what's interesting about the commercial if you haven't watched it already is that it never actually mentions Verizon at all, or any of Verizon's phones for that matter, the commercial closes with "Can your phone and your network do that?"

So there you go...I leave you with that...DOES YOUR PHONE AND YOUR NETWORK DO THAT? Haha if so...please leave a comment and share some of your experiences!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

John Gerzema: The post-crisis consumer

Here is an interesting video brought to you by TED. John Gerzema says there's an upside to the recent financial crisis -- the opportunity for positive change. Speaking at TEDxKC, he identifies four major cultural shifts driving new consumer behavior and shows how businesses are evolving to connect with thoughtful spending.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Universal's UK 'Couples Retreat' Poster Brings Cries of Racism by Removing Black Actors

No idea who decided to spear head this idea but the movie "Couples Retreat" has two very different promotional posters in the US and the UK. The major difference between the two promotional posters if you can't tell already is that black actors Faizon Love and Kali Hawk are missing from the poster that was used in the UK. However, if you take a look at the US poster, all four couples are present. I can only imagine the backlash this move had around the world, but to be fully honest, I'm sure people didn't notice it at first, and would have seen the movie regardless. A Universal spokesman said the poster that was used in the UK was aimed "to simplify the poster to actors who are most [recognizable] in international markets." Clearly Universal made a mistake not using all the characters on their promotional posters overseas and I don't see them making this mistake again in the future but who knows! Take a look at posters and remember to comment! Or just go to Yahoo! to view the original article!

U.S. Version:

U.K. Version:

I actually watched the movie last weekend and thought it was pretty funny, here is a small clip for everyone to enjoy!

Tactful Touch

How many times do we let our perspective be guided by just one of our senses? For a society whose notion of experience is tightly fashioned to exploration via all of our 5 senses; developing a perspective based off the limitations of one sense is a tough concept to fathom.

Enter Volvo, a company that has managed to capture the magic of discovery via an artist's touch that ties into their product and vision in the inspiring ad below. The power behind Volvo's message lies in their collaboration with Esref Armagan, an artist who transcends the conventional notions of art given his ability to render objects in perspective despite being blind. Thus Volvo asked Armagan to use his touch to envision their new S60 concept car due to come out in March 2010.

The use of touch is both interesting and compelling, it compels drivers to imagine the design and beauty of their cars through the sense of touch alone. Its a curious approach to establishing what beauty should feel like. I believe the commercial manages to pique interest for the car and what Volvo stands for in a way that's truly distinctive. Well done Volvo!

I leave you all with this thought. How remarkable could the communication of our products and services be if we learned to market them the way one would describe a color or shape to someone we love?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Diabetes: The Other Sinful Pleasure

Hello All! I'll introduce myself as a contributor of WIM with this post on poor eating habits. The ad is both funny and serious. It exonerates the consequences of one guilty pleasure with those of a more serious nature. I find it to be a step forward in raising awareness about the potential risks of diabetes.

The video even brings a comedic edge that we all know to be familiar of Crispin's Burger King spots. So put down that chicken sub and enjoy this clip!

Makes you think, what truly are your guilty pleasures?

New York Times features Mac vs. PC

The Mac vs. PC has hit the New York Times! I hope everyone else saw this...actually it might still be there so it's worth a look! This is just part of the ongoing battle between the all powerful Mac and the PC. I thought it was a pretty good Ad. It started off with the Mac and PC character pictured below, watching people going into the Apple store to buy a new Mac.

But as you can see in the second photo, the PC caught up and decided to jump into the frame and tried to stop these people from going in! Anyways, this is just a series of creative ads that Mac has come out within recent weeks as Windows launches their new Windows 7. I'll make sure to post some of the other ads in the next few days!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ten Golden Rules and I Wear Your Shirt

Helllooooooo. So...a few weeks ago I posted about a website called IWearYourShirt. One day I was looking at their Twitter and I noticed they were giving out a limited edition Roger Federer shirt from Ten Golden Rules. The deal was that I needed to find ten different things and take a photo of it. Being a huge Federer fan, I really wanted this shirt! Anyhow, I tried to think of something I could do, and oddly enough I have a very large collection of hats so I thought it would be funny if I wore 10 different hats? Surprise, surprise! It worked! I ended up winning the limited edition shirt! I even made the website!

Here is my winning photo taken with my BlackBerry Storm:

Anyhow...that was then, and this is now with the shirt!

Thanks again to the Ten Golden Rules & IWearYourShirt for giving me the limited edition Roger Federer shirt! Looking forward to more prizes in the future!

Friday, November 6, 2009

TWTRCON DC 2009 -- What I learned!

Hello! So I have been meaning to share some of my notes from TWTRCON DC 09. For those of you that don’t know, I attended TWTRCON in Washington, DC on October 22, 2009, and I attended the event on behalf of Development Crossing (@DevCrossing) and why not get some self promotion here as well…I was there as World in Motion (@WorldinMotion). I found the whole experience very rewarding and wanted to pass on some of the knowledge I learned with all of you.

The conference began at 7:30 in the morning, a time of day I haven’t been acquainted with since my internship over the summer, so I have to admit I was quite tired but after a few cups of coffee I was sure I would come around. Anyways, the conference began with Laura Fitton (@pistachio) who gave us three points on using “Twitter for Business”. Laura believed that businesses should:

• Try and build literacy and understanding
• Be useful
• Listen, learn, care, serve

Take those three points as you wish, but what I got from it was that in order to build an effective Twitter campaign for any business you need to effectively understand who YOU are and why is it that YOU are Tweeting. Secondly, don’t just go out and Tweet without any kind of purpose…BE USEFUL! Rather than just Tweeting random thoughts throughout the day, exchange ideas with other users and share their Tweets for others to see. Laura’s final thought was to Listen, Learn, Care, and Serve! I’m going to go ahead and be honest here…I’m not sure what that means exactly so if you’re interested, I would contact @pistachio and I’m sure she would give you the best answer!

Next up was an interview between Alan Murray from the Wall Street Journal and Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist. In their interview, Alan Murray mentioned something that really caught my attention. With Twitter, “the journalist is now the brand”. He was spot on when he said this because you have regular people delivering you the news that the news outlets are afraid to show you.

Nigel Dessau (@nigeldessau) was up next and he shared his key takeaways from using Twitter:

• Be clear about your audience: BE AWARE
• Think like an editor: make sure to convey your image
• Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency
• Build a coherent approach or strategy
• Be your brand-It’s about YOU
• Say what’s important, understand your brand value proposition

Next up was Jessica Lee from APCO (@Jessica_lee). She was at the conference to talk about Twitter for recruiting. To begin with, she had an interesting quote on her presentation that I thought I would share: “The qualities that make Twitter seem inane and half baked are what make it so powerful” –Jonathan Zittrain. Anyways, in terms of employment branding, as a recruiter herself, she felt that it was important for companies to help people understand why your company is a great place to work (Culture, Worklife). Another great tool Twitter gives candidates is that it allows them to easily communicate with the HR department if they have any specific questions. More importantly, you need to make the Twitter page personal. For example, your company could Tweet about:
• The company’s softball team…what are the latest results
• Orientation programs
• Small snippets of life at the company
• Job openings

Jessica could not stress the importance of ReTweets (RT) and more importantly that they are viral postings. She gave us an example of a Tweet she sent out regarding a job opening, which happened to be ReTweeted by another user, and within a two hour period after this Tweet Jessica was greeted to 35 resumes, 5 e-mail inquiries, and 300 clicks! Talk about powerful.

Next up was Twitter for non-profits, presented by Scott Harrison from @Charitywater. If you ever get the chance, visit their Twitter page, it really is a fantastic thing they are doing. Anyhow, Scott shared some of his insight on how to effectively use Twitter. Here is a list of his Do’s and Dont’s!

• Find something unique to do, and be consistent
• Make your staff set up individual accounts
• Be generous
• Ask for opinions
• Follow everyone back
• Answer DM’s (Direct Messages)
• Have a unique Twitter background

• Be cheesy
• Ask for money
• Only tweet facts
• Self promote

Last up was Rick Bakas (@RickBakas). This guy right here had the best introduction to any presentation I have ever seen in my life. With the conference coming to an end he figured the best way to get everyone’s attention was to do something unique. Rick got on stage and asked everyone in the audience to stand up. He asked half the audience to hold their hands close to one another and then the other half to hold their hands far apart from each other. With all of us standing there wondering what was going on, he snapped a photo with his iPhone and said:

“Thanks everyone, now when I go back home I can tell everyone I left to a standing ovation”

He certainly had my attention now! His thoughts on building an effective Twitter campaign was to be authentic, don’t be fake. Add the human aspect to Twitter, show people there is someone behind that username. Lastly, the best way to find new customers is to go where your customers are and don’t force them to come to you!

I didn’t expect to write this much but I’m glad I finally got this all down to share! I hope everyone enjoys reading this! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me via @WorldinMotion or visit and I’ll be happy to get back to you!