Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Recyclable Packaging Ranks Highest With Consumers

With consumers becoming more "green", they seem to be becoming more aware of sustainable packaging according to BrandWeek. Despite it not being a major turn off, consumers are looking for companies to incorporate green practices.

“Consumers are increasingly aware of the back-end—where it goes when it enters their home and after they touch it,” said Alison Worthington, The Hartman Group’s managing director of sustainability. “Packaging is also a great way to communicate your sustainability message. The No. 1 thing people will respond to is how it's disposed of—the three Rs [Reduce, Reuse, Recycle].”

Despite greenwashing concerns, Worthington said that environmentally friendly claims on packages aren’t met with a sarcastic eye roll most of the time. According to her study, 82% of consumers said they think brands’ green claims are mostly true and 42% said they view a certification from a third party on a package as an important factor in their decision-making process about which sustainable benefits are believable.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tropicana to Abandon Much-Maligned Juice Carton


Tropicana is moving back to their original packaging.  I was shocked when I went to the grocery store when they first unveiled the new design and I wondered where all the Tropicana went and then that is when I saw the failed attempt at a new logo.

It seems like the biggest complaint among consumers was that the new packaging made it look like a generic brand, and also "de-emphasized the type of juice inside."  Tropicana is bringing back the classic orange pieced by a drinking straw.  It only took 6 weeks for it to be removed from store shelves but it didn't come a moment too soon.  This was certainly an embarrassing moment for Tropicana, which is the largest U.S. producer of refrigerated orange juice by volume share.

Let's just hope that Tropicana sticks to their roots, and goes with their classic look!

Source: WSJ

Budweiser: "Fetch"

Here is a funny commercial from Budweiser that appeared in this years Super Bowl. I think this ad was done was very well, and at the end you just need to laugh, and pretty much go to the fridge and grab yourself a Bud. I guess it worked on me! I prefer this commercial over the "Horse Love" spot primarily because it provides you with the humor that "Horse Love" lacked. Though that commercial was funny, it didn't respond the same way that this one did.

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