Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Midas Touch

My mother always raised me to never tell a lie. With that said, I'm forced to admit not being a follower of any other sport other than tennis and soccer. However, I do recognize a nice ad, such as this faux NBA ad, when I see it.

I've seen similar "official" ads like this one that have made me slowly turn my head to find similarly astonished faces and then bury my face in a cold brew out of slight embarrassment but mostly as a recognitory toast to great work.

What I enjoyed about this ad, is its originality and resourcefulness. I mention resourcefulness because it was created by a talented freelancer without the expensively lavish budget the NBA must bequeath its art directors. So... my rant for the day is, remarkable only requires the midas touch.

Enough of my rant, do enjoy the video it is actually a very awesome shot made by Kobe Bryant.

Check out Andrew Thompson's site to see his other cool projects!

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