Monday, November 16, 2009

Tactful Touch

How many times do we let our perspective be guided by just one of our senses? For a society whose notion of experience is tightly fashioned to exploration via all of our 5 senses; developing a perspective based off the limitations of one sense is a tough concept to fathom.

Enter Volvo, a company that has managed to capture the magic of discovery via an artist's touch that ties into their product and vision in the inspiring ad below. The power behind Volvo's message lies in their collaboration with Esref Armagan, an artist who transcends the conventional notions of art given his ability to render objects in perspective despite being blind. Thus Volvo asked Armagan to use his touch to envision their new S60 concept car due to come out in March 2010.

The use of touch is both interesting and compelling, it compels drivers to imagine the design and beauty of their cars through the sense of touch alone. Its a curious approach to establishing what beauty should feel like. I believe the commercial manages to pique interest for the car and what Volvo stands for in a way that's truly distinctive. Well done Volvo!

I leave you all with this thought. How remarkable could the communication of our products and services be if we learned to market them the way one would describe a color or shape to someone we love?


  1. I like this initiative from Volvo. I have seen this trend in advertising lately...using sensory tools to connect with the consumer. I personally feel that this is very affective because what better way is there to connect with a consumer than to actually get him to feel it, see it and touch it!

  2. Dan,

    I would have to agree with you. I can't see any better way to actually attract potential consumers than to get them to interact with the product in question. I hope I see more campaigns like this one in the future.