Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Microsoft Opens First Retail Store

So it seems like Microsoft is trying everything it can to achieve the success Apple has had. Microsoft recently unveiled plans to launch a series of retail stores which strongly resemble the popular Apple Store layout. I think we all know how cool the Apple Store is but the Microsoft Store? The name already doesn't generate a lot of appeal. Microsoft's first store is going to be opened in Scottsdale, Arizona and will feature interactive technology and a sleek modern design. These stores are going to have massive LCD screens that display scenic panoramas as well as Microsoft products. In addition to this, there will be PCs set up with Zunes, Xbox consoles and headphones are available for visitors to try out...sound familiar already? Actually..why don't you just take a look at the photo below and take a look yourself.

The major difference that Microsoft will have over Apple is that they will have a “gaming zone” that offers giant screens on which customers can play popular games including Rock Band and Halo.

BUT even this really does not provide Microsoft with any kind of distinct advantage. If Microsoft is really trying to show that they are better than Apple why copy them? If anything don't imitate it but do it better. Anyways, I'm excited to go check out one of these stores when they start rolling them out to more locations, and when that happens I'll make sure to post my review!

If you feel like reading the rest of the article visit BrandWeek!

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  1. Can't wait to see what these new stores plan on looking like!