Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Johnnie Walker "The Man Who Walked Around the World"

One of the greatest commercials I have seen in a while. The commercial, which is brought to you by BBH London, lasts a little over 5 minutes, but let me tell you right now, each minute was worth it. Robert Carlyle engages the viewer with the story behind Johnnie Walker. "The combination of bagpiper abuse, well-timed visual cues, pitch-perfect writing and music, and Carlyle's charisma keeps the mini-movie chugging right along". (AD Freak)


  1. There are several elements that make this commercial remarkable and stand out for me. The use of Robert Carlyle was genious, as well as his reference to 'lock, stock, and ...' As the young grasshopper, Kenneth, points out to us - the visual cues are spot-on and add the needed reinforcement to create a visual mental timeline. At the end of the commercial I was left with a reason to enjoy Johnny Walker Blue and have a brief explanation to share as to why I respect the heritage of my go-to-sip.

  2. Obviously it was meant to be long, but it was too long to keep me interested. Maybe partially my fault because I had a hard time keeping up with the accent, so I must have missed out on lot of integral details of the story. Plus I'm not that big of a Johnny fan...:D

  3. Thanks for the comments! I'll look into these tomorrow! Keep them coming!