Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pepsi Max Goes on Tour

I find it so difficult to keep updating this blog on a regular basis, so congrats to everyone who manages to at least post something on consecutive days.  On the way to work this morning I didn't see the Zeitgeist bus, but I am still hoping for the "instant" prize they promised me for my original photo, let's see what happens!

Something which has just recently begun to interest me is how companies take their brand on mobile tours across the country.  An article on BrandWeek titled Pepsi Max Goes on Tour is a good example of what companies are trying to do with their brand by bringing it to you.  Pepsi Max will embark on this 10-week nationwide tour beginning this week.  Their trailer, dubbed "Fantasy World" looks to provide you with a unique experience that consists of an "ultimate" basement and backyard lounge where guests can enjoy beverage samples, a round of poker and sports programming.  The effort, via New York social marketing agency Mr Youth, targets males ages 25 to 39 at music festivals, nightclubs and car shows.

I'm sure the tour will be a success, maybe I can find it somewhere!  Anyways, if anyone out there manages to see it snap a photo and send it to me!

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