Sunday, March 1, 2009

Budweiser: "Horse Love"

A classic Budweiser commercial featuring the horse which they seem to use in most of their commercials. This particular commercial appeared in this years Super Bowl. I personally didn't find this commercial very entertaining, but it seemed to follow the same kind of tune Budweiser tends to air.


  1. I like the song they use

  2. This commercial is clean cut, fun and doesn't spend all it's time saying how great the beer is. I think alcohol commercials need to be less about showing the youth of America how to be drunk responsibly. The people who associate with this spot by Bud are old enough in maturity to do so. Since that is their demographic, then it would appear they presented a safe, family friendly beer commercial. Now having said that, doesn't everyone know who Budweiser is by now. Yes I realize I said "Family Friendly Beer Commercial" would you prefer a drunken sorority girl commercial for the kiddies, ala Girls Gone Wild. Let's talk about the commercials, there's something to chat about.

  3. @ Head Alienst

    Thanks for the comment, and I completely agree that Budweiser stays away from claiming how great the beer is through their commercials. If you look at the Miller Lite commercials for example, they always focus on how great the beer is, and they have a completely different approach to their commercials compared to Budweiser. Godaddy commercials are certainly unique, and their strategy is pretty simple and edgy...use attractive women to sell your product, but to be honest, sex sells, so you see that a lot.