Tuesday, January 13, 2009

'Whopper Virgins' Rivals Online Success of 'Freakout'


I came across this article in Advertising Age and it talks about the 'Whopper Virgins' campaign that was launched by Burger King.  The ad concept quickly came under scrutiny because of its interesting approach to the campaign, which I personally thought would be a flop but it certainly has generated a lot of exposure to the site.  I did come across the 'Whopper Freakout' which was a lot more amusing.

Anyways...the article goes on to say that Whoppervirgins.com had 240,000 unique visitors in December, whereas Whopperfreakout.com had 250,000 visitors during its first month.

"Anytime a promotional microsite can get a few hundred thousand visitors, it's pretty successful," ComScore spokesman Andrew Lipsman said. "Every now and then you'll have a MyCokeRewards with a few million, but that's not typical." MyCokeRewards is a loyalty program for Coca-Cola, where consumers trade in "purchase points" for music, videos or even hotel stays.

According to Burger King, the site has had 727,075 total visitors and 698,149 unique visitors. They spend an average of nearly four minutes on the site. Consumers are also accessing the site via mobile devices, with 26,434 views so far. The documentary has 1.3 million views, whereas "Whopper Freakout" had roughly 1.5 million views by this time.

With all this exposure, can you say that the ad was a success? It certainly generated a lot of visits to the site but as the article mentioned, sales have not been affected.  

I've seen a few companies try the "hidden camera" approach and it still seems to be a popular way of generating attention and exposure to a brand.

The end of the article mentions another tactic that Burger King has been using, but this time utilizing the site Facebook.  The promotion offers Facebook users a free whopper if they ditch ten of their friends, and nearly 200,000 have been sacrificed for a Whopper.  This approach is genius because it really gets your customers involved with your brand, an advertising concept related to emotional touchpoint marketing, where the company tries to build an emotional bond with the consumer.

If you want to check out the article, you can find it here.

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