Sunday, December 21, 2008

Please, just leave the beer alone!

How many times do I have to say it! Beer is not meant to be tampered with, just leave it as it is!!  MillerCoors has come under fire from the states as well as from several consumer advocacy groups for apparently trying to market their popular Sparks brand to underage consumers.  Critics also complained that the drinks raised potential health risks by masking feelings of drunkenness.

MillerCoors has now agreed to remove content on the Sparks Web site that "looks like it was created by a college freshman." Additionally, the company will also eliminate images that imply energy or power, such as the battery themed symbols on Spark cans.

At the end of the day they got what they deserved! Beer is to be enjoyed as it is and no other way! 

Source: WSJ

SaleGenie's 'Panda Psychic' Ad

Gatorade's 'Ball Girl Catch' Ad

Toyoto's 'Saved By Zero' Ad

E-Trade's 'Clown' Ad

E-Trade's 'Child' Ad

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Burger King's 'Whopper Virgins' Ads Prompt Controversy

WSJ's Andrew LaVallee parses the controversy surrounding Burger King's new "Whopper Virgins" ad campaign. The ads feature taste tests with native peoples of foreign countries and pits the Whopper against McDonald's Big Mac. Critics say the ads are culturally insensitive.

Heinz Ad Shows Berger Legacy

This recent Heinz Tomato Ketchup ad continues the slow-pour theme created in the 1960s by Heinz marketer Charles M. Berger, who died recently after a long and successful career in brand building.

Heinz Original 'Ketchup Race' Ad

This 1964 "ketchup race" ad, the brainchild of Heinz marketer Charles M. Berger, was the first in what became a line of ads stressing Heinz Tomato Ketchup's slow-pouring qualities.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Best Buy's 'Happy' Holiday Ad Campaign

Amid depressing economic and political news this holiday season, U.S. companies such as Best Buy are trying to add a spark of "happy" into their advertising. Courtesy Best Buy.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Burger King's 'Whopper Virgins' Ad

In this Burger King ad, "Whopper virgins" are given a taste-test against McDonald's Big Mac. Video courtesy of Burger King.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

United We Rise: Nike USA Basketball Commercial

Fresh Palates for Burger King

The recent advertisement targeting "Whopper Virgins" is Burger King's new ad campaign that involves a unique twist on the tried and true marketing techniques of taste testing, however the campaign is already proving to be quite controversial.

If some of you don't know, Burger King asked farmers in the Transylvania region of Romania, and the Hmong tribe of Thailand to sample its Whopper alongside McDonalds Big Mac and to decide which tastes best.

Burger King's objective was to "...see how the Whopper would perform in a world that didn't have ad or marketing awareness or any sentimental attachments" to either brand, says Russ Klein, president of global marketing, strategy and innovation at Burger King Holidays.

Bloggers have criticized the ad as tasteless and potentially exploitative.  A headline on the blog Stereohyped read: "The Burger King Storms Innocent Villages to Plunder 'Virgins.'

Anyways, I found it funny that Burger King was trying to do this taste test when in reality it does not matter if someone in Thailand or Transylvania likes the Whopper over the Big Mac.  Reason being is because their major market is in the US, why does it matter what these people think about it?  The campaign would have been more effective if they used this same approach in the US, but blindfolded the individuals and then asked them to decide which one they preferred.  All in all, I think the campaign was a flop!

You can view the two ads here: 

Source: WSJ

Brian Goldner transforms Hasbro

Hasbro Chief Executive Brian Goldner has expanded the company from a toymaker into an entertainment and intellectual-property powerhouse, while still managing to give kids what they want. Andria Cheng reports.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Burger King's Transylvania 'Whopper Virgins' Ad

See Burger King's new ad campaign about "Whopper Virgins." This ad features taste tests with farmers from Transylvania and pits the Whopper against McDonald's Big Mac.

Burger King's Thailand 'Whopper Virgins' Ad

See Burger King's new ad campaign about "Whopper Virgins." This ad features taste tests with tribesmen in the jungles of Thailand and pits the Whopper against McDonald's Big Mac.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Macy's Holiday 'Yes, Virginia' Ad

Macy's new "Yes, Virginia" holiday ad features Jessica Simpson, Donald Trump and others, who express their belief in Santa Claus.

Unilever Aims New Ad at Men

Unilever's Axe is jumping into the men's hair-care market with shampoos, conditioners and styling products that it claims are specially formulated for men's hair.